St Ona Church of Dūkštos
Mokyklos g. 3, 14222 Dūkštos, Dūkštų sen., Vilniaus r. sav. Vilnius County, Lithuania

The first semi-stone work semi-wooden church was constructed in Dūkštos in 1647. In 1772, Dūkštos was given to the Pijorai Order; they rebuilt the decadent church and established a school, as well as a sanctuary for Emeritus monks near it. After dissolving the Pijorai Order, the church was very much crumbled up. It was decided to construct a new neo gothic church, which was consecrated in 1856. Composer Stanisław Moniuszko donated a huge sum of money for the construction of the new church. After the 1863 rebellion, the church was taken away from the Catholics and given to the Orthodoxes. In 1918, the church was re-consecrated and given back to the Catholics.