Information about project

Project “Rediscovering the roots of regions”, no. ENI-LLB-1-108, implemented in accordance with the priority “Promotion of local culture and preservation of historical heritage” of The 2014-2020 European Neighbourhood Instrument Cross-border Cooperation Programme.

Vilnius District Municipality Administration implements the project together with partners: Žiemgala Planning Region (main beneficiary, Latvia). 

The project is funded by the European Union: the total value of the project is EUR 1,031,590.97, the European Union provides EUR 92,831.87 (90%), 10%. consists of funds from partners. The project allocated EUR 152,997.60 to Vilnius District Municipality.

Project goals:

– to promote the preservation, accessibility and development of intangible cultural and local historical heritage by improving the sustainable competitiveness of cultural tourism;

– to preserve, develop and transfer knowledge and skills of intangible cultural heritage and local history, strengthening the existing historical ties;

– to develop and promote cultural and historical heritage as a long-term attraction for cultural tourism;

– promoting the creative use of local cultural heritage and unique traditions by improving the conditions for a creative industrial sector.

Project activities:

– to organize traditional events, exhibitions, plein airs, meetings of different generations;

– to install innovative and interactive expositions;

– to organize seminars, trainings for specialists of the culture and tourism sector;

– create common tourist routes; tourism identification symbols; to prepare information material;

– sharing good practice, exchange visits.

Project duration: 2019-05-14 – 2021-11-13.

The strategic goal of the Programme is to strengthen relations, raise capacities and share experience among people and organisations through implementation of joined actions, which focus on increasing the overall quality of life in the border regions. The EU funding to the Programme is 74 million EUR.

The Member States of the European Union have decided to pool their knowledge, resources and future. Together, they have created an area of ​​stability, democracy and sustainable development, preserving cultural diversity, tolerance and respect for personal freedom. The European Union is committed to sharing its achievements and values ​​with countries and peoples beyond its borders.

This map was partly funded by the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of the Vilnius District Municipality and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.