Traditions of Christmas Eve supper
Vaidotai, Pagirių seniūnija, Vilniaus rajono savivaldybė, Vilnius County, Lithuania

On 24 December, Christmas Eve is commemorated. On that evening, the family has supper at the oldest family member’s home. The traditional Christmas Eve supper consists of twelve dishes, among which there are pies with mushrooms, poppies, cabbages or apples made in Vilnius region. Cranberry kisel and dried fruits compote is a must; some households make oats kisel. Dishes made by rare families: kutija – porridge of wheat and poppies, stew made from leavened cabbages with mushrooms, poppies milk flavored with honey. Christmas Eve cakes are a must. After supper, everyone goes to the Pasterka (Shepherd’s Mass).