History of Vaidotai
Vaidotai, Pagirių seniūnija, Vilniaus rajono savivaldybė, Vilnius County, Lithuania

Written sources mention Vaidotai since 14th century. It is thought that Vaidotai received its name from one of the sons of Duke Kęstutis – Vaidotas. In the 19th century, counts Łęski discovered Vaidotai and here, in Baltoji Vokė, built a mansion. Couple of kilometers distance separates Vaidotai from Baltoji Vokė. Baltoji Vokė mansion style is historicism; smithy, servants’ quarters and barn operated near it. In 1962, Agro-Zoo-Technology Institute was transferred from Buivydiškės to Baltoji Vokė. In 1989, the Technology Institute’s community organized the first winter games of Lithuanian Poles. As time passed, Agro-Zoo-Technology Institute became the Higher School of Vilnius; currently, it is Vilnius Technologies, Business and Agriculture School.