History of Maišiagala town
Maišiagala, Maišiagalos seniūnija, Vilniaus rajono savivaldybė, Vilnius County, Lithuania

The Prussian annals mentioned the settlement of Maišiagala in 1254. In 1365 and 1390, the castle of Maišiagala, which protected the northern entrances to Vilnius, was mentioned. The historian Jan Długosz states that the Grand Duke of Lithuania Algirdas died in 1377 in that castle. Up until 18th century, Maišiagala was the dominion of Grand Duke of Lithuania. After Lithuania was baptized, one of the seven first Lithuanian churches was constructed in Maišiagala. Since 18th century, Maišiagala was controlled by Narbut, Sapieha, Tyzenhauz, Bishop Ignacy Massalski, Houwalt – they were the last owners of Maišiagala Manor. Since 2017, Maišiagala was written in to the Road of Jogaila (Lithuanian Tract).